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Here’s more of my patchwork! Lol! This is the view from the front door.

Just inside the front sliding door looking out.

Right beside the front door, to it’s left, is the reception/cashier area.

Their a/c and beverage freezer/refrigerator is next to the reception area.

If you go straight, their inner private room, and if you turn right, their side entrance/exit if you’re either on your way out or to the toilet.

To the right are fan/drama memorabilia/souvenirs, and the wall of autographs.

I know who painted that! A very special lady and a dear dongsaeng from Hong Kong!

The inner more private room.

Side entrance/exit from/to the parking space or the toilet.

Taken from in front of the a/c.

The two beautiful ladies who has made Seoul more special than it already is! Thank you ladies!

The view from our corner table.

The Menu

Oops sorry! Was in too much hurry to check!

A heavy snack or very early almost-dinner!

Am drooling imagining our food there but you know what gives that meat an extra kick? It’s those paper thin pickled onions! Try it!


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