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Quoting/referencing from the same book by Suzanne White, The New Chinese Astrology, are the Horse’s past predictions from 2005-2013. It’s quite long but still a fun read when you try to match up the things that has happened to our dear Park Shin Hye in “real” life and the Horse’s predictions.

What the Horse should expect from the next …
Chinese animal years

2005, The Rooster Year:

A trying year for the emphatic Horse personality. You will feel confined and hampered by rules and limits imposed on you by people you don’t necessarily respect. Roosters are not the most tractable souls on Earth so be as flexible as you know how. Smile a lot. Bow and scrape if you must. The Rooster is a proud, stubborn adversary. But if you make a friend of him, you’ll never want for moral support in the rest of your days. Your financial picture is blurred this year. Take a good look at those accounts before you buy a new home or help a poor relation. You are especially tense this year. Eat properly. Become a vegetarian—at least for a few months. Go easy on yang foods—try eggs and sesame products. The home front looks good: for once, everybody in the family is rooting for you.

2006, The Dog Year:

This year you’ll be challenged to expand your sense of altruism. Think of others rather than yourself. I know selflessness is distasteful to you, but think of the Dog year as a time of apprenticeship. You are aware of your own selfishness and exaggerated independence, yet you hide from intimacy and refuse to share your feelings. This year you will not be allowed to remain emotionally incognito. If you do, you will suffer. However, should you wisely choose to reach out and help others, you will be amazed at the recompense. Not only will you feel virtuous and proud, but you’ll be able to relax your soul. Act for others. Give in to your native generosity and let the good times roll.

2007, The Pig Year:

No gambling this year! Risk‐taking is taboo for you, Horsey, because the Pig year, although a rich one for most, is loaded with surprises—not all of them good—for Horses. My advice in Pig years is to invest expendable capital in a solid dream. Build yourself that swimming pool or set off on that trip around the world you have so long coveted. Take a break from being so damned industrious. It’s time you lay back and relaxed. Stop trying to live up to your own impossible standards of perfection and give yourself a break. Watch out for hip fractures and stress‐related illnesses: see your doctor straight away if symptoms arise. Life will not be simple for you in spring and summer, but toward its end, the Pig year will afford you both new opportunity and good luck. Embark on your exciting journeys and buy your country houses early in the spring. Make careful choices based on concrete elements. The lavish Pig year can blind the conservative Horse with its promise of easy opulence and glad‐handed generosity. Don’t neglect to include loved ones in your plans. Seek advice from trusted cronies and experienced family members.

2008, The Rat Year:

Your worst year lies ahead. Rats and Horses are notoriously mismatched. The crafty Rat had no time for your galumphing hyperboles. He’s a schemer, you’re a work Horse but both of you want the power and are fearlessly aggressive when it comes to going after booty. Unfortunately for the Horse, when it’s Ratso’s turn to govern for a whole year, he tolerates no competition. Your best bet in Rat years is to lay low and cool your heels while he manipulates the world. I know you cannot and will not abide by my advice so the fight will be on. You will either stumble on perilous adventures at every turn or discover to your horror that you’ve been swindled. If only you were more circumspect…perhaps you enjoy living up to your Rat leader’s draconian demands. Don’t be disappointed when you notice crumbs of clay lying around at his feet. Save your money. You’ll be needing it.

2009, The Ox Year:

Ox years favor those who work. Other than yourself, practically nobody aspires to work as hard as the Ox. Drudgery is his friend, perseverance his drug. Although you are a more social creature than the slogging Ox, you two get along and respect each other’s methods. This year you’ll do well professionally. But forget about love. Sentimental disaster lies in wait for Horses in Ox years. One way to fend off this catastrophic development is not to get involved. Your rugged health should be in good fettle during these twelve months. Also, you ought to be making good money. Show more kindness to underlings. Sentiments aside, the Ox year smiles on Horses. Enjoy.

2010, The Tiger Year:

Here comes change. Upset and upheaval are never entirely welcome in the controlling Horse’s rather predictable lifestyle. But never mind. You are friendly with the Tiger who, God knows, needs allies almost as much as air to breathe. The Tiger bestows his generous warmth and blessing on your professional as well as your personal activities. With you in his cohort, he stands to benefit from seeing you successful, strong, independent and in love. Watch out for people who might exploit your good‐guy laborious nature in a Tiger year. Brush off all attempts to divert your from your main goal, as the Tiger year may scatter your forces in too many directions at once, diverting your energies. This is a good year for advancement in all areas. Don’t forget: you have to spend money to make money. I’m not suggesting you throw it around, but investment of both self and capital in Tiger years will pay off. Your lover may stray during this hustle and bustle of a year. Keep your head. No histrionics or you’re sure to lose.

2011, The Cat/Rabbit Year:

One of your favorites. Something about the calming effect of the Cat/Rabbit may be responsible for your smooth sailing. There is not a single area in which you have to limit your scope this year. There will, however, be a risk of boredom, because you are not patient with the sound of your own voice. Distract yourself. Get involved in politics or even dabble in espionage. But be careful of your renowned excessive reactions. The Cat’s placid saucer‐of milk lifestyle can boil over when too much heat is applied: you should try to cultivate more self‐acceptance. Do yoga. Meditate. Try laugh therapy. Hire somebody to tickle you so you can take yourself less seriously.

2012, The Dragon Year:

The Dragon wishes you no ill. His year is one in which you can shine without a backward glance. Keep your nose to the grindstone but your eyes and ears open. There is a lot of festivity going on around you. The Dragon’s flaming energy and love of celebration sparks your ambition. If you’re contemplating marriage, this is definitely the right year. All the astrological aspects are on your side. What’s more, the Dragon adores giving parties. Your wedding will attract hordes of guests from all over the map. Don’t fret about it. This union will work. All those festivities, however, may wreak havoc on your usually strong constitution. Don’t let your skittishness get in the way of your happiness. With those new in‐laws: take it easy, hold your horses—diplomacy pays off in the long run.

2013, The Snake Year:

Temptation invades your very veins this year. Sirens will beckon you away from the path of righteousness to which you so cautiously adhere. Family disharmony may accompany these feelings of potential disloyalty. Whatever you do, don’t throw caution out the window. New relationships often creak and groan in the beginning. Rough spots are part of life. Take the ruts and bumps in stride. Resist vapid enticements—shallow liaisons are the least thing you need. As this may be a lean year, you can turn your attention to building a sound support system within your own family. When your work is not so productive and the cupboard is bare, you, rebellious Horse, may suddenly understand the wisdom of the Snake. Don’t mistake your dreams for reality or give in to your whims. When you plan for the future, look beyond what you see in the mirror.


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So I chanced upon a book, The Real Chinese Astrology by Suzanne White and found Shin Hye’s “future”! So we’re in the middle of 2015 and posted are the Horse’s/her 2014-2016 predictions, so we have a chance to see how many hits and misses her sign has had and anticipate how many hits and misses her sign will likely have. I think it’s very interesting.


What the Horse should expect from the… Chinese animal years

2014, The Horse Year:

Chinese astrologers tell us that Horses never have an easy time when their year rolls around. Disaster can strike in almost any area. Even the Horse’s family may suffer. Knowing about this tendency is half the battle: you will be able to surmount these inherent difficulties by exercising extreme caution. Don’t invest in any risky deals. Stay out of dangerous situations. Put off that Alpine ski trip. Delay canoeing down the Zambezi until next year. If you meet a new heartthrob, make sure you get to know him or her well before you make any commitments. Why not wait until this next twelve‐month span is over before deciding what you really want to do with Mr. or Ms. Right? Hang on a sec. This year is not all bad. It may turn out to be a crucial but necessary transition for you. Adversity is not always your enemy. You are tough and brave. You know how to resist your own weaknesses. Lie low and wait for the tempest to pass. Introspection and meditation will help you overcome the blues.

2015, The Goat Year:

Ok, harried Horse, you can take off your armor—you’re about to feel the light at the end of the tunnel shine warmly down your tired back. This year, you are welcomed back into the fold by the gracious Goat. All will be well and you’ll feel safe at last. Your career will prosper and your ambition be rewarded. The Goat is lucky for you. He wants you to be strong so that he can depend on the force of your character to help him through his own difficulties. For once, you can behave in the most overbearing way you want. Goats don’t mind excessive behavior. Take that bank loan now. Marry your heartthrob or take off on an Amazonian adventure. All systems are GO for the Horse in Goat years.

2016, The Monkey Year:

A harrowing but exciting year for Horses. You’ll not only be tempted by multiple new projects, but you’ll surely leap into at least three simultaneous conflagrations at once before you realize that you’re on fire. The Monkey is a trickster. His cunning and agility titillate the practical Horse’s imagination. Oh, you think to yourself, if only I were more of a gambler. I would perform such marvelous deeds. You will try to be cleverer—even prepared to practice sleight of hand—to achieve. The prospect of risky business ventures, exotic tasks, stratagems and fancy footwork will keep you hopping. You can succeed. But do be extra careful. This tricky new tack may be your undoing. Remember, Horsey, you are conservative. You’re a steady social climber whose nature is practical. You not only like to have your cake but would like it served up on a silver platter as well. Watch out for the tempting Monkey tug on your ambition. Monkey business is not really your style. He may have some rude surprises in store for those of you who take his little jokes too far. Family grief may get in your way this year as well. Pay your respects.

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Horoscopes afterall are pure whimsy as this blog is, now with the Lunar New Year just over and Park Shin Hye’s upcoming birthday let me share with you Shin Hye’s new astrology sign, the horoscope of an Aquarius/Horse from the book, The New Astrology by Suzanne White Copyright @1986.

The book is almost 30 years old so it’s not entirely new, have not even checked if there’s a new edition, but “The New Astrology attempts to help us understand human behavior within the universe through the “marriage” of occidental and oriental astrologies… So, in fact, everybody in the world has not just one but two main astrological signs. A Western “month” sign and an Oriental “year” sign. One sign is complementary to the other. Taken together, they show us more about the individual than either one can on its own. In the New Astrology, if someone is born in Aries and is also born in a Horse year, that person’s New Astrology sign is Aries/Horse. Aries/Horses, as you will see, are not the same as Aries/Cats or Aries/Tigers.”

Now to borrow more of Suzanne White’s words, “Astrology is hogwash and that is all there is to it!… All right, killjoy. You’re right. Astrology is nonsense. Now may we get on with our fun?”

Park Shin Hye
February 18, 1990



“I know”
Air, Saturn/Uranus, Fixed


STYLE                      HASTE
DEXTERITY                  ANXIETY

“I demand”
Positive Fire, Yang

To this alert and energetic Aquarian, variety and movement represent freedom. The Horse lends rebellion to the clear-minded Aquarian, and pushes him to stride ahead. Horses are hasty and gifted for easy accomplishment. The Aquarian wants an original life. When the two are matched by birth, an eccentric, fleeting sort of being evolves. The Aquarius/Horse never lights for long.

There is much manual skill in this person. No job or task requiring digital dexterity is beyond his capabilities. He is also distinctively talented for using words well, and may even be multilingual. As one of his first priorities is to travel about and indulge in varied experiences, he picks up quickly on uncommon phenomena and dives headlong into exotica.

This person craves the artistic in life, longs for the world to be a more beautiful and caring place and spends much time and thought trying to improve it. Aquarius/Horses are concerned, active citizens who know how to go to work for what they believe in. And this character believes in eccentric schemes. She may want to have a babbling brook in her living room. He may long to own a huge castle in Bulgaria with forty rooms where people get together to stage sing-alongs. These Aquarius/Horses are dreamers and plotters of vast plans that can take a lifetime to realize. Not to worry. The Aquarius/Horse will carry out his plan in his own sweet time-preferably with his own hands. Vast scope doesn’t faze this valiant subject. He knows he can work it out in detail all alone. All he asks for is a little cooperation. And, of course, money. Often the Aquarius/Horse’s source of income is really somebody else’s. Not that this native is dependent—far from it. But the Aquarius born in Horse cannot imagine why anyone should refuse him the funds he needs to start the relief organization for errant minstrels. It’s a perfectly valid cause. Besides, the Aquarius/Horse is among the most persuasive of signs. He listens—but mostly to himself. What he wants he must have. Otherwise? Well, there is no otherwise.

This character is essentially freelance. Salaries and nine-to-five jobs seem silly to him. He’s only after the jackpot or the big deal to come through. If he can’t have a lot of money he’d just as soon starve—or mooch. The Aquarius/Horse is a liberal thinker who truly cares about the downtrodden and the poor. But often he misses seeing the forest and forgets about the trees altogether. In any case, with Aquarius/Horse it’s all or nothing. They are either right there with all the facts in hand delivering a seductive speech on their latest passion, or else they’ve drifted off somewhere to take a look at the sunsets in Malaysia.

The Horse born in Aquarius is slightly loony, too. Eccentricities abound in this person’s nature. And as Aquarius/Horses are truly visionary people, they may suffer from a surfeit of insight, which, if improperly applied, can develop into madness. Mostly though, the Aquarius/Horse makes excellent use of his peculiarities. The edge of craziness always present in Aquarians serves to enlighten the overly pragmatic Horse nature. Horse, in his turn, helps the distant Aquarian to gain a sense of belonging, and brings him safely back to earth from his frequent flights. This person promises to add magic to the lives of those who surround him or her. An Aquarius/Horse usually has a finely honed sense of self-derision, and can amuse either on purpose or simply because he is irretrievably astonishing. What you see of the Aquarius/Horse is only about one-tenth of what is actually present in this dense and zany personality.


Here the Aquarius/Horse firmly believes he or she can do no wrong. When they love someone, they feel that whatever the loved one receives from them ought to be sufficient. This character decidedly does not want to be bothered with complicated love affairs. From the beginning, it ought to be clear that Aquarius/Horse runs the show, calls the shots and even sets the pace. Either his partner accepts being flexible enough not to panic each time this person floats off on some new adventure (whether romantic or not), or he’ll get a different partner. Sentimentality is not one of this person’s foibles.

The difficulty with loving an Aquarius born in a Horse year is immaterial. The only important thing about being mad for this nut is that he or she is so wonderfully kooky and fascinatingly interesting. If you have the hots for an Aquarius/Horse, look on the bright side. You cannot change them. Never hound or nag them. Nothing you can do or say will make a dent, anyway. Just try to keep your own head above water, and most of all—enjoy them.


Gemini and Sagittarius/Dogs are loyal and have their wits about them. You need such steady intelligent partners. A Libra/Goat will need your protection and for that reason may appeal to you. Sagittarius/Tigers are good rebound romance prospects for you. They’re so very flexible and independent. Taurus, Leo and Scorpio/Rats are not on your list of romantic associates. Nor should you bother to take up with a Leo/Monkey.

(V65note: Gemini Dogs May 22 to June 21, 1982 or 1994

Libra Goat Sept 24 to Oct 23, 1979 or 1991 

Sagittarius Dogs November 23 to December 21, 1982 or 1994

Sagittarius Tiger November 23 to December 21, 1974 or 1986)

Home and Family

Talk about funky! This person’s house will be a museum of found objects and weirdo styles. The Aquarius/Horse is a collector. As he or she travels outrageously much, they are always bringing back some trinket or geegaw bartered from a Sikh in a souk or filched from a sheik’s dining tent. It’s a riot of color. Imagine Horse and Aquarius together and see what comes out in the wardrobe. Flash and sash with rank panache. Get those red leather riding boots and the paisley scarf wrapped fetchingly around the jodhpur tops. Wow!

The Aquarius/Horse may be crazy, but he’s not all that bananas about having barrels of kids. Children in numbers threaten his freedom of movement. This person must move. If ever he or she does settle down to have children, it will tend to be late in life. Then, watch out! This person can get so involved in the details of parenthood as to be a perfect bore. Parenting is a challenge, but viewed with the passion and potential for ecstasy of the excitable Aquarius/Horse—whew! Kids, if you want to have a great childhood, get yourself born to this wonderful cuckoo Mom or Pop. Forget bedtimes and chores forever. As a parent the Aquarius/Horse is permissive, modern, avantgarde, and utterly subjugated by childish charms.

This artsy child will amuse parents with pranks and original tricks. His creative attributes will be many. He prefers to be spoiled and pampered rather than to have to adhere to a lot of silly rules. He’s persuasive, and finds remarkably plausible excuses for his kinks. Training and manners will add polish to this character’s exterior. Otherwise, there is not much you can do except lavish attentions on this sweet creature.

So much talent should not go unrewarded. This person will not be particularly ambitious for gain in his life. The Aquarian Horse is not an investor or even a saver. He is not really much interested in money, but knows he must have lots to carry out his drastically expensive projects. Normally he doesn’t have a “job” but works in some marginal, lucrative capacity that permits him to travel to exotic lands. The Aquarius/Horse boss will be fair and just but severely self-involved. You can fully expect this character to get to the office late and leave early, and still expect you to be there on the minute and work overtime to boot. He’s a little crazy, remember? But oh, so interesting. And talented. This person can be gainfully employed provided the boss lets him or her go on trips every three or four days. The talents of Aquarius/Horse are intense and ephemeral. Use sparingly.

Jobs that might appeal to the Aquarian Horse are: movie star, photographer, interpreter, speechwriter, traveling salesperson, fundraiser, art teacher, mercenary.

(V65note: was so surprised and what a funny coincidence her mentioning Malaysia. PSH was in Malaysia specifically Kota Kinabalu around the third week of January this year, 2014!)

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