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Here’s more of my patchwork! Lol! This is the view from the front door.

Just inside the front sliding door looking out.

Right beside the front door, to it’s left, is the reception/cashier area.

Their a/c and beverage freezer/refrigerator is next to the reception area.

If you go straight, their inner private room, and if you turn right, their side entrance/exit if you’re either on your way out or to the toilet.

To the right are fan/drama memorabilia/souvenirs, and the wall of autographs.

I know who painted that! A very special lady and a dear dongsaeng from Hong Kong!

The inner more private room.

Side entrance/exit from/to the parking space or the toilet.

Taken from in front of the a/c.

The two beautiful ladies who has made Seoul more special than it already is! Thank you ladies!

The view from our corner table.

The Menu

Oops sorry! Was in too much hurry to check!

A heavy snack or very early almost-dinner!

Am drooling imagining our food there but you know what gives that meat an extra kick? It’s those paper thin pickled onions! Try it!


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Wouldn’t it be nice if fans can volunteer, translate and/or identify the autographs up on Park Shin Hye’s Parents’ Restaurant, Yang Cheol Bok’s walls? So we’ll number them and not in any order, okay? No fan wars here! I ship everyone!

A request for those who can identify the autograph, if it’s possible can you also include a screencap of the celebrity’s other autograph to prove that it really is them?




























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By Taxi

The first time I went to Yang Cheol Bok was right after Park Shin Hye’s birthday fan meeting, February of 2015. We took a taxi and, this part I can’t remember exactly if we gave the driver the call card above or if a fan, acquaintance that night, gave us a handwritten address for the driver. I think she even talked to the driver before saying bye. Yeah too much excitement did that to me. Lol.

So off we went to the restaurant. You’d think it would be easy but no. Our cabbie was weaving around side streets looking for the restaurant and had to call the restaurant for directions. We were really not that far off. Cabbie just made a wrong turn on the last leg of the ride. So keep a copy of this card whether you take a cab or not. You’ll have something to show the cabbie or pedestrians for direction, plus the phone number could come in handy too.

TIP 1: If you’re taking a cab I would probably say “Seoul Gangdong Police Station” because it is the easiest landmark to find and cross from there. Even better if you can say “Yang Cheol Bok restaurant across Seoul Gangdong Police Station” in Korean.

By Bus

These are the bus numbers that stop closest to the restaurant- 3220, 3319 and 3321 and the bus stop is labelled Gangdong-gu Community Health Center. I really am not brave enough to take the buses in Seoul yet. But saw this bus stop in front of CGV Building and others might be braver than I am. So, facing this bus stop walk three or four buildings to the left and there is Yang Cheol Bok.

It’s not easy to see the restaurant from the street as it’s recessed or moved back to make space for it’s customers’ parking. If you happen to miss the Gangdong-gu Community Health Center stop don’t worry as the next one is not too far away and the restaurant is located midway between the two.

By Train/Subway

Shortest direction: Take Line 8 (Pink line), get off Gangdong-gu Office Station, take Exit 2, walk straight ~500m to the end of Seoul Gangdong Police Station compound, cross pedestrian lane on main street, Seongnae-ro, to the right is Yang Cheol Bok.


Epic Long, Picture Guide

Line 8 train, pink on subway maps, intersects with three other trains/lines- Line 2(green), Line 3(orange) and Line 5(purple). We came from Samseong Station and took Line 2(green). We got off at Jamsil Station to transfer to Line 8 (pink).

TIP 2: This is a bit of a walk within Jamsil station from Line 2(green) to Line 8(pink) so if you are carrying something big and heavy might be best to put it into a wheeled luggage. Same with the walk from Exit 2 to the restaurant.

TIP 3: If you’re going to meet up with friends within the station on your way to another station, one easy way of doing so would be by the door going into the train. You will find numbers above the sliding door and on the tile floor at the front that you may use for reference specially during peak, crowded hours.

First Step: Gangdong-gu Office Station
This is where you get off!

Second Step: Exit 2, Gangdong-gu Office / Gangdong-gu Police Station

Find Exit 2.

Had such very nice and helpful friends with me! So blessed! Up some steps then up the escalator.

More walking and more stairs! The last part of the exit have five flights of stairs with no lift nearby. There must be an elevator somewhere but my friends were so engrossed talking (though I have a feeling they just wanted me to have some exercise! ) and kept walking! Taking pictures helped- got my mind off the stairs and allowed me to stop every now and then.

One of the things that keeps Seoulites in shape would have to be all those stairs. On my first trip, so used to my little city of Cebu, going around Seoul was pure torture! My second, sheer masochism!

TIP 3: Yes, try to do A LOT of walking before going to Seoul! The easiest commute is not for the faint of heart, both literally and figuratively! Of course you can walk in a relax manner but when you only have so much time to go around, see, experience, and EAAAT, if at all possible, you’d want to sprint!

TIP 4: There are lifts for the elderly and PWD so worry not. Just have to find it.

Third Step: Just outside Exit 2

Okay pause at that top step of Exit 2.

Now stay there still, then turn around. This is what you’ll see behind you…

It got blurred when I highlighted on the exit sign, but can you see the flight of stairs below it? I am ov… er.. heavier than usual(blink blink) but I only huffed on the last flight. I also stopped on every landing so maybe that’s why! LOL!

Now let’s continue walking. My Korean friends have never been to the restaurant and since they walk faster than I do (I had to take pictures, you know! Ehem!) I just told them to walk straight until I say stop.

This is a straight straight walk until we’re just across the restaurant. It’s quite a long walk around 500meters, crossing three small side streets and one wide main street, Seongnae-ro, but a very pleasant and relaxed one so don’t worry. Plus, if you’re going to be reading/checking this guide then all the more easier it would be because you’ll be walking with me! Hehe! That and you’ll have pictures of specific buildings/landmarks along the way. You will definitely forget about your four-inch heels. Maybe.

First Crossing: Seongnae-ro 3ga-gil 

Maybe it’s the bicycles and the trees but this area here has the feel of a quaint little town for me with small shops along the way.

Now as you reach those clump of trees up ahead where another group of bicycles are again parked, stop. If you look to your right, across the street is Kookmin Bank…

… and to your left is Gangdong-gu City Management Corporation.

The golden arches comes next(McDonald’s, of course). Walking further and if you look a little to the right you’ll see some sort of park. Saw a map that labelled this triangular patch as Gangdong-gu Front.

Okay stop looking now as you have a side street to cross. We don’t want you to get run over. Heavens forbid!

Crossing 2: Seongnae-ro 5-gil

Street sign’s on the left and almost hidden among the trees.

Gangdong District Office.

Okay you can look again at the park across the street.

That is the landmark that a good friend told me to look for, but what she told me was “cross at the water fountain”. I looked up and down the street but there was no water fountain anywhere! She said there was when she went. She went during summer while I was there March and October. I only saw the holes on the ground on our way back to the train station. Aha! Water goes on breaks too!

I peeped around here for “my” landmark- the CGV Building.


Walking onwards you’ll see that really nice building with a wraparound vertical green wall. Too busy admiring I forgot to take a picture of the front door with the building’s name. Not labelled on the maps that I checked too.

Across this would be the SK Gas Station.

Crossing 3: Seongnae-ro 9gil

Third and last side street we’re crossing.

Gangdong Fire Station

Gangdong-gu Health Center

I Seoul U.

Regional Council Building

So close now. Yang Cheol Bok is at the ground floor of a cute four storey building that comes right after these two tall shiny blue buildings.

There it is! Oops oops oops! Don’t cross yet! Let’s walk just a couple of feet more to the pedestrian lane with the traffic light and be good law abiding people! Besides those Korean cars just fly, better safe than sorry, you know!

On your left is the Seoul Gangdong Police Station.

At the front of the police station is a big sculpture- a ring with the side feature of a face.

It was too big to miss but my attention was all on the restaurant that I failed to take a full picture of the sculpture. So am patching it! LOL! Not a very nice patch.

Naaah, that’s not the pink ahjussi’s name! LOL! Yang Cheol Bok is the restaurant’s name!

They close after lunch and open… ayayay, I cannot remember if it’s 3 or 4pm. I think it’s 4! So the girls sat down and I took more pictures.

So this is the building right in front of the restaurant. You can see part of the pedestrian lane that we crossed. That is still a part of the Seoul Gangdong Police Station.

Now let’s make some patchwork again. (I forgot about iPhone’s panoramic shot! Sigh!) Leftmost is the sidewalk in front of the restaurant, the main street, Seongnae-ro, the council building and the police station.

Link/s to Maps

Yang Cheol Bok on Google Map

Post/s on the Area

More Around Gangdong-gu Office Station

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Pictures are screencaps and credit goes to KBS2 and FNC BTS videos and pictures.

Laid it out in a way that would make one see how behind the scenes that friendship seeps through even in the most romantic of scenes.

Picture 786

Picture 768

Picture 777

Picture 778

Picture 759

Picture 780

Picture 781

Picture 774Picture 766Picture 755Picture 760Picture 773Picture 779Picture 773Picture 767Picture 767Picture 765Picture 760Picture 761

I don’t know how it happened but I don’t ship them anymore. For these two, friendship is more precious!

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