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2 ~ White Blanket

Warning: Following story is adult in nature.

Yong Hwa bent down his head to meet Shin Hye’s soft upturned lips and with gentleness and care gave her a kiss quite different from what he had ever given her before. It was slow and gentle but deliberate, hungry and yet waiting, considerate. The passion was there as Yong Hwa’s lips brushed and kissed Shin Hye’s lips, as he gently nibbled on her lower lip when she slightly opened her mouth, as he tenderly brushed his tongue on hers when she moaned, making her draw her arms up and around his neck to pull him closer and press her body to his but it was restrained, almost… reserved. Shin Hye wanted to cry.

Seeing him almost everyday now Shin Hye has come to rely on Yong Hwa a lot and with the friendly detachment naturally gone Shin Hye has been crying herself to sleep quite a few times whenever Yong Hwa goes on extended concert tours. Yong Hwa didn’t know this of course. She wouldn’t dream of telling him for she knows he’ll be upset. He has been quite gracious in letting her decide on their wedding date but has been quite persistent in wanting her to go on tour with them and to move in. She didn’t want to, not until they’re already married she always says and she didn’t want to get married yet.

Yong Hwa has just turned 30 and in a few months it’ll be her turn too but Yong Hwa, even before their engagement, has been more than ready to enter the whole spend-your-whole-lifetime bit, branching on to other businesses- within and outside the entertainment field as a precaution and quite grounded in discussing and planning their future. With the both of them pretty stable financially, they could comfortably bow out of the limelight anytime they want to but Shin Hye was still wary. She does not mind losing her popularity but she worries too much for Yong Hwa. She knows he loves his music and she reasons the band has made a lot of headway in the international market to take any sort of risk but her unspoken fear is that he might regret losing his career because of her and for that reason nothing and nobody can convince her to do anything to jeopardize his status.

In so many ways to the people who know them the two are already, well practically, married. Though they still do have their own private lives, more often than not, they are in each other’s company. When they’re not at work or in some career related engagement they’re oftentimes shuttling between Yong Hwa’s family home in Busan, Shin Hye’s in Seoul and Gwangju or their own house in exclusive Samseong-Dong. Their friends have even gone to the extent of inviting the other half of the pair just so one would come or stay on longer. All of them making an extra effort to keep whatever activity they were in private, all of them protective of the two, and that go without saying, most specially their agencies.

Being friends for a long time before getting engaged had the advantage of making them very accepting, tolerant and forgiving of each other’s idiosyncrasies but in the months following their engagement they have formed certain ‘habits’. Habits, that unfortunately, has made any kind of separation unbearable and even downright painful. Shin Hye now misses how Yong Hwa holds and cuddles her to sleep, finding she likes having his arm draped over her tummy, even his lying halfway on top of her whether on their lounge while watching TV or on their extra wide queen-sized bed. He misses waking up with his face buried in Shin Hye’s hair and nuzzling closer for the combined scent of her shampoo, soap and neck before playfully teasing her awake which gets her all the time. It amuses her listening to him go over and over a song when he’s composing, dragging her to a nearby couch saying he writes better when she’s there which she doesn’t really mind at all. Odd really because she even finds it sweet. She goes about doing whatever it was she was doing and just works beside him. She loves how he’d bring her hot coffee in bed in the mornings even when he would constantly tell her not to get used to it cause he might not always be able to do it but which he has always done with no fail, then again in the evenings when she’s decked out on their kitchen table with papers and books scattered all over with research work for work. He likes to pamper her like that. He loves getting home and being welcomed by the smell of food that she’s cooking and how she always complains when he back hugs and kisses her neck as she cooks but always turns towards him for a lingering kiss. You can say, just a few of the quirks couples have.

Yes, after that night that Yong Hwa asked permission, Shin Hye has stayed over at their house more than once though they both say that those were rare, in-case-of-emergency times- birthdays, anniversaries of whatever kind, the NBA and Korean Professional Baseball finals, times when Yong Hwa gets sick which seems to be increasing in frequency of late, times when Shin Hye oversleeps on the couch… about a few times too, and one weekend each month as Yong Hwa courageously asked and received permission for. So surprised was Shin Hye when her father agreed that she muttered, “Appa must really want to get rid of me already!” but Yong Hwa was jubilant.

The past month has been specially trying for them though. The band went on its month long Asian tour and Yong Hwa had pleaded with Shin Hye to go with them which again Shin Hye said no to. Yong Hwa left a little unhappy and though he still calls and messages her as often as he can like he always do, it was as though some heavy cloud was hovering over the two. She saw how tired he looked when he walked in their front door. His shoulders slumped and brows in a knot. It didn’t help that Jung Shin has warned her how Yong Hwa’s mood has steadily worsened from day one, lightening only when the band’s on the stage. The most troubling piece of ‘boys only’ info Jung Shin shared though was how Yong Hwa on the last night of their tour simply told them of his desire to take a break from the band.

From the time when they had their first kiss in her SUV up to the time before Yong Hwa left never has he kissed her that way before, ever! All of their private kisses have been passionate. It may start out as gentle, teasing, tired or angry but it never takes long to turn fiery. It has never been subdued nor guarded. Wracked with longing and guilt she stopped kissing Yong Hwa, hid her face on his neck and softly cried.

It has been the longest four weeks of Yong Hwa’s life too. Though buoyed by the adulation and success of their concert and future projects lined up for them as a result Yong Hwa was too bone tired to be celebrating. He felt physically, mentally and emotionally drained and all he can think to do of his crying fiancée was to embrace her tighter and say, “We’ll talk later okay?”

“Okay!” Shin Hye croaked as Yong Hwa continued holding her till she stopped.

“Have you had dinner?” she asked looking up at him, tear-streaked eyes worried as she reached up to touch his cheek.

“I made you some spaghetti with meatballs!” she chimed, smiling timidly.

Yong Hwa tenderly wiped her tears with his thumbs as she waited.
“Okay!” Yong Hwa said as he nodded. Shin Hye clasped his hand and led the way. She knows it’s her fiance’s favorite. She has long given up trying to wean him out of it and has since changed tack by reducing its fat content, but tonight was an exception. She used the best cut of beef for the meatballs, lots of cheese and even used some butter. This was after all her peace offering.

Shin Hye made Yong Hwa sit on the tall breakfast stool while she poured their favorite red wine on to stems and handed him a glass. She had just laid their plate on the table and was about to get their serviettes and cutlery when Yong Hwa gently pulled her to him. He made her stand between his legs as he slouched on his seat and hugged her, his forehead pressed on her chest, his arms loosely wrapped around her waist. Shin Hye was getting ready for Yong Hwa to start his tirade- his complaints why she wont move in or go with them, his jealousy masked by teasing her on her last drama’s kissing scene and a report of sorts on whoever girl was caught in a picture next to him but there was none. There was nothing at all. He just hugged her tighter. Shin Hye was taken aback at this. Suddenly it dawned on her what his whole demeanor was about and it was as though someone grabbed her heart and squeezed tighter and tighter. The tears came back unprompted, silent, and she hugged him closer. It was breaking her heart to see Yong Hwa like this and she couldn’t help feel that it was her fault. Then, gently brushing his hair with her fingers, Shin Hye laid soft kisses on the top of his head and waited. They stayed like that for a while before Yong Hwa looked up, earnestly gazed at Shin Hye, eyes still tired but now keen, then holding either side of Shin Hye’s face and nape, flicking her tears away with his thumbs he pulled her head down for a kiss.

Yong Hwa captured Shin Hye’s lips with such intensity that for a second she could not move. It was as if a dam has broken and Yong Hwa’s sweeping all thoughts and questions away with his kiss. Shin Hye whimpered before she kissed him back and took a second more before she could match his urgency and fervor. All Shin Hye can think about was Yong Hwa, her senses swamped with everything Yong Hwa- his kiss hungry and demanding, his touch, his body hot and possessive, his smell manly and sensuous. Without stopping Yong Hwa slowly stood up, grabbed her by the waist and lifted her onto the table reversing their position, the straddle-r now the straddled.

It was after quite awhile that Yong Hwa quietly padded back into their room a big bowl of spaghetti tucked under his right arm, a goblet and a bottle of red wine on his hand, a tub of ice cream and an assortment of cutlery on his left. He was trying not to be too giddy lest he spill food on the carpet. For the first time Shin Hye has agreed to bring food inside their bedroom. She has spread a thick bed sheet on the carpet and was lying on her stomach, her elbows propping her up as she was tweaking two cellphones in front of her- hers and Yong Hwa’s. He laid out the food just a bit in front of the phones then he lay on his side beside her, propping his head on an arm as he looked at Shin Hye, brushing her hair off to her other shoulder. He did not even check to see what Shin Hye was tinkering on his phone with as if it was quite natural for her to do that. It wasn’t. They have always been open to each others phones but both have also always been reluctant to open the other’s unless they’re right in front and doing things upon instructions. There was nothing to hide, at least not anymore, and that’s how they have always been.

This is all he wanted, to be next to the most important person in his life, the woman he loves. He does not want to go through such hell again. he will have to find a way but right now he is very elated just lying next to her. Those reporters can gossip all they want but no one is going to ruin this moment he has with her. I’m the one beside her right now, I’m the one who just made long, delicious love with her and no one else, so no scandal is ever going to drive him up the wall.

Shin Hye tilted her head and gave Yong Hwa a crooked smile, her lips raspberry colored, slightly swollen, hair quite ruffled still. Yong Hwa raised an eyebrow at this but was more distracted by the way she looked and more so as he slowly pulled the pristine white cotton blanket she has wrapped around her an inch or two downward and grinned. He can still see the small love mark he left on her side and he was remembering what they both were doing when he made that mark.

“Aren’t you going to ask me what I’m doing with your phone?” Shin Hye prodded Yong Hwa.

“Nope!” Yong Hwa quite simply answered. Shin Hye pursed her lips at this and smirked but all Yong Hwa was doing was tugging slyly on the blanket.

“Jagi, what do you think of December 28?” Shin Hye asked softly.
“Huh? December 28?” Yong Hwa asked a bit confused. Then looking suspiciously at Shin Hye, not even daring to hope she’s saying what he thinks she’s saying, he asked, “What do you mean by what do I think of December 28?” a smile was beginning to tug at the corners of his mouth as he sees Shin Hye’s eyes sparkle teasingly.
“You know! December 28?” Shin Hye hedged some more, her smile getting bigger by the second.

“Are you serious?” Yong Hwa said in a raspy voice. “You mean a December 28 this year? The one coming next month?

Shin Hye looked at her fiance’s eyes getting rounder, his face starting to glow and she can almost hear what he was going to do next as she nodded her head and grinned widely at him.

“YEEEEE-EEESSSSSS!” He roared. He laid on his back, pumped his fists on the air with all his might and cried, “WOOOOO! HOOOOO!” then just as abruptly he swung towards Shin Hye grasped her waist and pulled her on top of him. Shin Hye was laughing by now. They both were. And kissing too. And biting and whispered silly nothings.

Shin Hye realized when Yong Hwa chose to suffer in silence than go through their broken routine of push and pull that an angry and whiny Yong Hwa she can handle but her heart cannot bear to see him suffer in silence. Jung Shin has never lied to her and if what he said was really true then was Yong Hwa willing to sacrifice his career just so they’d never be apart like that again? She knows she can never ask that of him nor can she bear to see him give up his career. She would never admit that seeing him suffer like that was what changed her mind though. Couldn’t give him such a dangerous ‘ammunition’, could she? And besides, what did that girl say in that movie she saw on cable yesterday when the woman’s estranged husband asked her what does she want to stay married with him for? Ah yes, she said, “Because I want to kiss you anytime that I want!” That sounds like a pretty good reason to get married for as well, plus having cute little Yong Hwas and fearless little Shin Hyes too!

Looking at Yong Hwa with his eyes twinkling, his smile disarming and… Shin Hye cannot believe what in the hell was she thinking waiting all those months for? She has always known that this is the man she wanted to wake up to every morning of her life with, the man she wants to fight, laugh, live every moment with, the man who she knows will make a very good dad.

“I just love those crooked teeth and naughty smile! And that voice!” Shin Hye thought.

Yong Hwa has calmed down a bit and was just staring at her tenderly. Quite content to just ogle at his fiancee’s beautiful face. Looking blissfully at her with eyes that can cause global warming from the heat they were giving off just by looking Yong Hwa’s mind was already fast turning. Then he whispered something in her ear and bit her earlobe.

“Ohh?” Shin Hye replied and closed her eyes relishing the sweet sensation Yong Hwa’s teeth and lips were giving her.

“Mmmm…” She moaned then she tilted her head to give him better access then he started kissing down her neck as he leisurely pulled the blanket off her. That spaghetti will just have to wait a little while longer Shin Hye thought for she needs to show this sexy, crazy guy just how much she loves him, again, and how sorry she was she made him wait so long. She wouldn’t tell him that last bit though, well not yet anyway. So show him she did… in ways that only lovers understand, in a language that has no need for words.

~ The End ~


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